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Markel Granados eta Alex Garcia Polonian, Wroclaw herrian Erasmus+ bitartez lantokiko prestakuntza.


Erasmus Policy Statement(Overall Strategy)


The Iurreta institute is a mid-sized educational center based in the Duranguesado region of Vizcaya. Quality teaching and a commitment to integral development in the region are two of the fundamental pillars of the center. Our focus on quality demands that our policy towards internationalization be of central importance in our daily activities.
In the strategic plans of the center, promoting actions that facilitate international relations becomes a priority. Establishing academic, cultural and technological ties with international institutions has proven to be a fundamental part of developing the professional skills of our students.
The need to prepare young professionals for insertion into a decidedly European business world marks a tendency towards internationalization inside the framework of Europe.
Within this geography, we have defined two definite areas of interest: The first includes those countries with whom businesses in our region had previously established relations through involvement in processes of industrial expansion (Poland, Czech Republic...). The second area encompasses the Nordic countries and Germany, standing out for the quality of their education systems.
Mobilizing our students within the strategic geographical areas we have defined, certain opportunities become manifest, namely the ability to strengthen ties with European companies having facilities near us or forming part of a business group with institutions in our region. In addition, the ability to mobilize our teaching staff allows us to create collaborative efforts with European educational centers with an accredited reputation for developing highly valued educational projects, and provides us with the opportunity to share our own knowledge and experience.
The objectives defined for these two scenarios are the following:

As concerning the student body:
¿Improve the competence of students following the criteria of Quality Performance.
¿Learn the reality of emerging economies through companies related to business sectors or business groups in the Duranguesado area.
¿Strengthen the sense of belonging within the European Union.
¿Promote equal rights through actions specifically directed towards equal opportunity and gender equality.
¿Encourage a strong standpoint against racism and xenophobia.
¿Facilitate the integration of people with disabilities.
¿Foment social cohesion, collaborative action and solidarity.
¿Provide the students with improved linguistic, cultural and professionally practical resources.

As referring to the teaching staff:
¿Foment cooperation through alliances between teachers and educational centers.
¿Promote the center’s participation in international projects geared towards improving the quality of the educational system.
¿Develop linguistic abilities and intercultural competence of the faculty.
¿Improve the quality of the teaching-learning process from an intercultural and technological point of view. In conclusion, the internationalization of the IURRETA G.L.H.B. institute means the exploration of processes that will allow us to improve our educational structure and methodology in such a way as to obtain a more competent, solidarity focused and critical student body, able to access the working community in optimal conditions.