EJE project

EJE project
EJE Project started in Asturias with the intention of creating real cooperative companies with  students (Valnalón is the agency that promotes the idea). Its purpose is to develop entrepreneurship in secondary and vocational education. It has spread nationwide and in the Basque Country there are more than 50 participating centers. The approach of the course (AKME) is quite practical since the exchange-trading of products is real.

What is EJE: " Young Educational Enterprise "
EJE is a pedagogical tool based on practical experience (developing a business project) and in interaction with external agents.

How does EJE work?
Students create a company assigned to another partner who develops the same EJE methodology. The two companies start a business relationship that involves the exchange of a product catalog, trading orders, export and import of products and finally the marketing of the products purchased in local markets.

Objectives of  EJE:
Promote the development of entrepreneurial competence.
To provide students with opportunities for knowledge and contact with institutions, organizations and existing businesses in their local environment.
Removing misconceptions about the world of business.